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Our clothing is created using repurposed vintage clothing. We collect clothing that is not being worn and then wash it, deconstruct it and create new clothing pieces. Instead of the clothing sitting in landfills, it is brought back to life.


Sustainable clothing is clothing that is ethically manufactured using eco-friendly materials


There is a movement, a “Fashion Revolution” going on


Stella McCartney is using silk made from spiders

MycoWorks is making leather out of mushrooms

Modern Meadow grew leather in a lab


The materials used to make clothing are changing


The manufacturing process of clothing today is not sustainable because the garment factory workers are not being paid a living wage, they work in unsafe conditions and the materials used to make clothing are harmful to the environment and humans.


The ocean plastic that’s washing up on shores and hurting sea life can be repurposed into fabric for clothing


Pharrell Williams owns G Star Raw, a clothing brand that uses upcycled materials like ocean plastic to make denim products. Jaden Smith is designing a collection of sustainable denim with G Star Raw.


With Konnexion, our “new material” is previously made clothing. We take this product and turn it into something new. Something one of a kind.


This is only the beginning of sustainable clothing


The best has yet to come