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The Rise of the Podcast

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Podcasts are the break from social media that we all need

Podcasts first became popular about a decade ago, and just like denim skirts, they’re back in style. Podcasting is a platform that can provide so much value to both listeners and podcast creators. In this article, I will explain what you could gain from listening to a podcast.

Podcasts combine information and entertainment.

The average podcast is 45 minutes long. If you had the choice between reading a 25-page paper or listening to a podcast, which would you choose? As a listener you can listen all at once, or pause and break it up. Most commonly people listen to podcasts on their commute to and from work. I tend to listen to podcasts while I do cardio at the gym.

As listeners, we have a wide variety of podcasts to choose from. What’s so great about podcasts are the specific niches. Weather it’s a side hustle podcast, fashion, pop culture, news channel, etc. there is a podcast for almost every passion/interest. We can gain so much insight from the specific content and stories we hear from different episodes.

Podcasts are real. Real people sharing real stories, and as humans, we love stories.

Connecting with some one else’s story will help shape your view of the world. Through this type of connection, we can really learn and grow. Podcast episodes may be planned, but in the moment of recording, a host is really acting on intuition and their authentic thoughts and drive to discuss their topic. This process lends podcasts to being more truthful and authentic. #notfakenews

Listening to a podcast is a different experience than scrolling through your social media feed. It requires less focus than reading or listening to an audio book, but more focus than scrolling through twitter. As a listener, you slow your mind down and really pay attention to what your hearing, making listening a mindful experience. Podcasts are the break from social media that we all need

So much of the social media content we see today is unrealistic. “Social media harms your mental health” is a real thing. Hearing audio gives us the ability to use our own imagination and visualize what were hearing, opposed to looking at perfectly edited visual content. There’s a real person behind a podcast where as on social media its easier to create the image of a person. Listening is a way to stay connected and take in content while not staring at our electronic screens constantly.

Podcasts fit the binge trend. Binge Netflix, Binge Podcasts.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become a part of our everyday lives, limiting how much we use them could better our everyday lives. Podcasts avail listeners to staying connected with the world, in a more mindful and educational way. From listening to a podcast you could gain insight, knowledge, connection and joy!