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Power of Pinterest

Konnect with yourself on Pinterest

Being the 4th most popular social media platform in America, Pinterest poses the opportunity for Konnexion with yourself, and you know were all about that. Pinterest describes themselves as the platform where people reconnect with themselves… Pinterest is for you. And your ideal vision of a future self.

The goal when pinning content is not to share with others, its genuinely the content you want to save for yourself. Pinterest takes it a step further by even letting users make pin boards secret or public. The way you can store ideas and inspiration on Pinterest is different than other social media sites.

There are 250 million people who use Pinterest every month. Essentially, these people are searching for images they like. The images people like they pin, and pins are likely to influence purchasing behavior. From a company and individual standpoint Pinterest is great for initiating connections that lead to action.

As a creative, Pinterest can be a great way to start communicating your message through graphic posts. Weather you are interested in fashion, sports, fitness, health, etc. you can create content and share it to help people who are searching for fashion, sports, fitness, health, etc. inspiration. There are over 250 monthly searches meaning the chances are high that someone is looking for what you have to offer.

For a business, time spent on social media is all about user conversion into customers. Having Pinterest as another platform that content can go viral on is great for companies to find new customers. 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. People on Pinterest are in “discovery mode”, looking for new content/products, so they actually enjoy and appreciate branded content more. 55% of users are looking specifically for products, which is more than 4x as much as any other platform.

Pinterest may have a rep for being feminine, but women control over 80% of household spending in the US. Now about 70% of users are women and 30% are men.

As people continue to aspire, Pinterest lends itself as a platform to support that. Pinterest helps you build your dreams by visualizing it.

In an effort to communicate the Konnexion brand and inspiration our new Instagram feed is going to be centered around Pinterest inspired content. Coming soon x