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The Konnexion between Fashion and Wellness

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Does what you wear affect how you feel?

For as long as fashion models have been striving for unrealistic body expectations, fashion and wellness have been connected. Fashion may have not cared about societies wellness, but that’s where Konnexion comes in.

Diets are a “solution” from the past. Most people know, diets don’t work. But wait, I actually think most people don’t know that. Most people try to diet and fail and blame themselves. It is not you, diets do not work. While diets are failing, wellness is thriving. Wellness is over a 4 trillion dollar industry that has seen double digit growth since 2015.

Wellness isn’t just about looking good, its really about feeling good.

Wellness is focusing on how your body feels, and ways you can help your body feel better. A lot of people who have a weight problems just think they have a weight problem, but its usually more than that. Body unhappiness and weight issues are commonly present when a person isn’t happy with themselves. It is their relationship with themselves that is suffering and it comes out in ways like weight, stress, complicated relationships, etc.

This is why we say “The most important Konnexion is with yourself.” When you are connected to your body and your true self, your life will start to look how you want it to.

It’s a bold statement, but I think its fair to say fashion as an industry has people needing to find wellness. With models who are a size 00 as the standard of “pretty,” the rest of us have a hard chance of building strong self confidence.

I started Konnexion because I wanted clothing that I felt confident in. Its not easy to walk into the mall and find something that looks really good on you. Fashion has been flooded by quantity over quality in products.

The way people are dressing everyday has changed, and I needed casual clothing for everyday that flattered my body and allowed me to feel confident so I could embody my best self.

I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Experts have found that the clothes we wear actually affect our mood. “When you look good, you feel good and preform much better in your personal and professional life.”

Dr. Tom Waller is a neuro scientist who specializes in what he calls, “the science of feel.” He works for lulu lemon on creating products from a technological and neuroscience perspective that focus on how the customer feels in the product. As one of the most successful athlesiure companies, the focus on the science of feel inspires my connection of fashion and wellness.

Konnexion bridges the gap between fashion and wellness by creating products focused on making you feel good. We share the truth of society and importance of personal wellness so you can become the person you know you were meant to be.

And yes, your clothing does affect how you feel :)

xoxo NB