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Messed and distressed

The first clothing brand. It was "perfectly imperfect custom clothing" 


Messed and Distressed was my jump into entrepreneurship at 19 


Konnexion is my company



i make clothing because I want to make better clothing x

I choose the word connection because I felt this company was about more than just giving the customers clothing. It was about connecting in new ways. Creating products that lead to better connections. 



Connexion is how you spell connection in French. This idea came while I was in Paris during my time abroad. Konnexion is inspired by the history of fashion and the couture houses.


I was watching Sara blakey speak in a ted talk video when she said that she named her company Spanx partly because of the "k" sound. She said Coca-Cola and Kodak are two of the most memorable brands in the world and they both have a "k" sound. I literally saw a k in my head switched the c for a k

I knew konnexion was it.

This is it