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© 2018 Konnexion

the brand


upcycled clothing

  handmade in NJ,USA

     what is

sustainable clothing? 


no defined gender

designed for optimal fit

versatile pieces

why we design
       the way we do


believe in yourself 

your konnexion
with yourself
    is the most important 

klothing driveS

111 pieces of clothing upcycled

Our clothing is created using repurposed vintage clothing. We collect clothing that is not being worn. We then wash it, deconstruct it and create new clothing pieces. Instead of the clothing sitting in landfills, it is brought back to life.


One way we collect vintage clothing is through Klothing Drives. We work with individuals who host Klothing Drive events on their campus, in their office, etc. Every person who donates clothing at a Klothing Drive will be given a 10 % website discount via email.


If you are interested  in hosting a Klothing Drive please email


messed & distressed









we are inspired by the sky


  Hold your head up high, dream higher than the sky


konnexion kloud is so you

              can believe in yourself




    everybody in the world looks

at the same sky